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Seasoned QSAs and Penetration Testers are ready to join your team.

PCI DSS Compliance

Whether you are beginning your PCI compliance journey or have been completing PCI assessments for years, we have solutions to fit within your compliance program.  Our senior QSAs will work with you as a trusted advisor from conception to completion, offering assistance and expertise to build an ongoing PCI program that will help you maintain compliance for years to come.

Security Testing

From ongoing vulnerability scanning to a comprehensive penetration test, our security testing and assessment services can help you achieve your security and compliance goals.  Our seasoned pentesters use the latest industry standard tools and methodologies to maximize vulnerability detection so you can maximize your vulnerability management program.


In conjunction with our parent company, Ascend Audit & Advisory, we provide audits for SOC, ISO, and HIPAA so you can meet all of your security compliance needs in one place.  Take advantage of our coordinated efforts to offer you quick and quality assessments.


Ascend Security & Assessment

For some assessment companies, a customer is just a date and a dollar sign.  They are just looking to put a check in a box. Our mission is to go beyond the assessment and be a partner and guide.  We strive to be part of your security and compliance program and team, go beyond the check-in-the-box, and help you build the tools and knowledge for a successful security and compliance program long into the future.

We center our security services on three values: Quality, Speed, and Partnership.  Our seasoned assessors work dedicated time on your assessment for rapid completion while maintaining superior quality.  Our streamlined processes ensure that you are not waiting weeks or months to receive the results of your assessment.  Further, we seek to be a partner before, during, and after your assessment  We will not disappear when the assessment is over, but work with you during remediation and beyond to help you grow your security and compliance program. 

In addition to our PCI, Security Testing, and SME services, and in conjunction with our parent company, Ascend Audit & Advisory, we provide SOC, ISO, and HIPAA audits to meet all of your compliance needs in one place.  Contact us for more information.


Free Consultation

Not sure where to begin or need direction for your security and compliance efforts?  We are happy to help!  Schedule a call now with a Subject Matter Expert.  We will focus on your questions, not our sales.

About Our Services

We provide a comprehensive service suite for PCI DSS compliance and vulnerability management.  Whatever your assessment, consulting, or testing needs, we can help.  Further, in conjunction with Ascend Audit & Advisory, we provide SOC, ISO, and HIPPA audits.

PCI Compliance

PCI DSS compliance is a journey.  The assessment is not complete until every control is met.  We provide everything you need on your PCI journey, whether that’s a gap or readiness assessment, consulting to help you build your compliance program, or continued efforts to implement PCI DSS controls.  Our experienced team can take you to the finish line.

Security Testing

It takes more than a scan to protect your business.  We provide a full suite of Security Testing and Vulnerability Management services including Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, and Vulnerability Scanning.  We also provide services such as Social Engineering, System Configuration Analysis, Secure Code Analysis, Database Security Testing, Firewall & Router Security Reviews, Wireless Testing, and other related testing and assessment.


Our parent company, Ascend Audit & Advisory, inc. provides SOC, ISO, and HIPAA services, so you can have your audit and assessment needs in one place.  We can streamline your multiple assessments and audits with shared knowledge of the environment, shared sample selections, and single testing across many related controls.


Our Approach to Assessment

Our goal is to streamline the assessment process with clear guidance and requests, easy communication, and fast results so you can get back to business.  We work with your schedule and business processes so you can complete assessments when you are ready and when you need them.  You are not just a number and a date, you are a partner that we love to work with and are happy to serve.  

PCI Compliance

Our PCI Compliance services go beyond the assessment.  You work with an experienced QSA who will provide guidance and assistance to ensure your compliance efforts are successful.  

Security Testing

We strive to provide fast and accurate penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services.  Get testing when you need it, and results right away.  Don’t let your pentest be the reason your assessment is delayed for months.

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